Some New, Vintage & Antique Findings! #1

This is a small collection of recent findings from a range of Antique Stores, some Garage sales, and some stuff purchased on eBay as well. :)

I’ll post more detailed photos as I get the time. :)

This was my grandfathers lighter.. Not exactly pocket sized, huh?

& now, These are From an Antique Store/ Barn in Cold Spring, NY.

First a Salt (or Pepper) shaker. Only 1 though. It’s beautiful hand blown & etched glass! I didn’t buy his mate though. Couldn’t find it in the store! I hope to fill it with SOMEthing one day. Beads? Buttons? It’s tiny. i love it!

And sitting near the register/ money taking area, I got a multi-strand pearl necklace. Not sure how old, but it needed a nice cleaning, thats for sure!

I LOVE the bead caps near the clasp. :)

I also picked up two Bakelite rings. One green and one White. The white one shattered when I took a tumble. It was in great condition from the 1940s and it gets to me.. and i break it! Typical! Well the green one is still going strong! I don’t have any photos of them though.. sorry!

More Photos to come of all the other items! I Don’t want to overload you just yet. :) Stay tuned!

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