I’ve Been Quite the Busy Bee!

I have been making many a shiny things. :) nothing is 100% ready to go up on etsy yet.. but here is a sneak peek for my readers (if i HAVE any!) Any feedback? Favorites, tips?.. color combos? That would be fantastic to hear! :)

Also i still have my ravenastoria.etsy.com site for now, but i was smart and got the etsy link coatrackshop.etsy.com! That will be where my store resides (once I get some stuff to post up!) Favorite it! and good things shall come your way!



10 necklaces, and 2 sets of earrings. Ian’s mother gave me a ton of vintage buttons to use. They are beautiful and give the pieces something a little extra! I’m wearing the red button/Anchor necklace today! (2 compliments by the way, haha!) I LOVE it! I try and wear them all at least once to check for quality. If it falls off me, i can fix it and make it better, rather than it falling off my customers! :)

If anyone would like to purchase, let me know and I’ll set up a listing right away! I will never deny a sale! :) Also, all the colored beads can be changed to your color choice. They can be customized to your favorite color. :)

Til we meet again!
<3 D

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Quite the Busy Bee!

  1. Dara I think you did awesome job!
    I like all of them very much! Just a suggestion ( my personal opinion, so ignore if you like), I think the necklaces with buttons will look better on a leather, velvet or simple rope “chain”.
    Also the teapot earrings will look awesome as a set with the teapot pendant if they had the same color bead.
    My personal favorite is the ” tree” oval design with green bead. I like the scissors too!

    • Thank you for your suggestions! that would look really nice. I’ll certainly look into it.. i dont have ALL my jewelry making skills yet, but i think i know a good way to do that. :)

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