Crochet Update!

A few months back or so i posted about buying this : I Taught Myself Crochet.. then i got some yarn and some motivation. I’ve been tinkering and poking and trying out different stitches and i’m finally excited to show off my first completed Granny Square!

It’s made up of 8 chain stitches, slip stitched together, then rows of 3 and 6 treble (triple) crochets separated by a chain stitch. :) I’m proud of myself for learning and knowing what those stitches mean. i can read patterns now! some are very intimidating: for example: ch 69, dc 2, ch 2, hdc, 4, tc, 2, ch 5, turn, tr 4, hdc, 2, tuck ends. That’s not a real pattern, just random instructions. But, what the hell does that mean? i can NOW tell you!. :)

i am planning on making 2 blankets. One for a little boy i know, and one for a baby on the way *possibly* a little girl! Fingers crossed!

i’ll keep you updated on progress! The baby is 8 months away… so i need to do about 3 squares a month to be finished. Seems pretty easy considering that brown square only took 4 hours total. 4 hours is alot for a beginner, but i’m getting better. the less i think about it, and just move my fingers and wrists, the better it looks. it gets wonky when i try to control it took much. Wonky..i like that word. :)

I like crocheting, and i like making granny squares. There’s something almost calming just sitting on the couch surrounded by soft yarns. :) Also, I’m obsessed with this Flickr group. And THIS one! Such amazing work!

it’ll be a while before i can crank out one of these by myself!


LOVE these colors!


Well, take care! T.G.I.F… finally!

2 thoughts on “Crochet Update!

  1. go you! i started to teach myself about a week ago and i had no idea it was so fiddly! although, i managed my first granny square too (without any crochet induced tantrums… hurrah!)

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