Pink Elephant Card!

I made this card for a friend/ co-workers baby shower last weekend. She is due July 5th with her first baby girl!

The lighter pink elephant was created in Adobe Illustrator using lots of different types of text styles, and attached to a darker pink elephant shaped card that I created out of illustrator as well. I used foam tape to secure them both so that it would look 3D. The line for the elephants ear, and also the eye, were cut out of the paper so that the dark pink was visible. Make any sense at all?

i tried to make a digital version of how the card turned out. i was so excited to give it to her that I didn’t care about photos and such! :) We put it in a pink envelope and both Ian and i signed the white inside. :) i have a photo of her holding it, but i wont post her picture on the internet for all to see.

This card was fun to make. :)

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