Honey Nut Cheerio Banana Muffins

Hello there. While eating my breakfast one morning, i noticed 3 over-ripened bananas sitting on my counter (my mother was going to toss them!).. so i decided to bake them into more muffins. Last time i made these muffins i used under-ripened bananas. [side note: The taste difference between under-ripened and over-ripened in baking was really the same]. I wanted to try something different, so i edited THIS recipe that i made a few weeks ago to include a topping. My favorite breakfast as a kid was Honey nut cheerios with slices of bananas. So this is a bit of a shout-out to my childhood. :)

Brown sugar
honey nut cheerios
Banana muffin batter from this recipe

First change: I used a regular muffin tin this time.

Second change: I crushed up about 1 cup of honey nut cheerios, and mixed in about 1/4 cup of brown sugar and about 2 -3 tablespoons of butter (it should have a sort of crumbly but sticky consistency) and sprinkled that mixture on top!

After baking they looked like this:

All cooled and popped out of their tins they looked like this:

Not too bad for cell phone photos. My camera ran out of batteries!

They got very good feedback. :) The brown sugar melted on top making it knd of like a hardened glaze, and the cheerios were crunchy and tasted so yummy. I want to put more toppings on my muffins. So many choices!

3 thoughts on “Honey Nut Cheerio Banana Muffins

  1. They look so good! I love the crunchy topping.

    And wow, I had no idea about the ripeness of bananas info – I just thought over ripe bananas were always best!

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