If I Had a Skunk…

A few weeks ago Ian and i caught a special on tv about the different kinds of skunks, and how some people keep them as pets. :) I fell in love with the Spotted Skunk.. and He likes the Striped Skunk. So, after deciding we want one as a pet.. we agreed to put the two together and make a half spotted, half striped skunk! If your skunk had dots and stripes all over it, what would you name it? We both separately decided on the same name! Morse! :) (as in morse code). haha we are dorks. I love it. So this is our skunk pet/ child Morse.

Speaking of Documentaries and things.. i was SO looking forward to watching “Life” on Discovery Channel.. until i saw its being narrated by Oprah Winfrey. Geez Lady… stop ruling the world!

2 thoughts on “If I Had a Skunk…

  1. Ha! I love “Morse” – genius! Then again, I have a toy seahorse named “Seabiscuit” – after the race horse? And Mommy named her first car (a Ford Escort) Harrisson. Harrisson Ford! :)

  2. Haha aww Morse is so cute! I didn’t know there was such a thing as a spotted skunk. I did want a striped one as a pet when I was little though!

    Ugh I was so mad Oprah was narrating Life too! I watched the premiere and I just really don’t like her as the narrator. She doesn’t have the right tone. I think I’ll stick with Planet Earth.

    And thanks for your suggestion! I’m sure that popcorn was loaded with salt. I’m drinking a glass of water as I type :)

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