NEW SHOP! FINALLY up and Running!

i had been trying to set up a Cafe Press Shop for like a MONTH NOW! but products DID NOT want to be “added” to my shop.. therefore it was blank! i finally realized.. maybe its Safari that the problem.. so i downloaded Firefox.. and WHAM! :) Shop is up and running now!

these are just products based on images i’ve made. i havent made anything Especially for CafePress.. hopefully i will soon. and hopefully i make some MONEY! i need it. :) i tried to keep my prices reasonable. sets a price, i can up it as much as i want.. and i only get that amount. Example: $17.99 base price for a t-shirt… i don’t want to over charge.. so i make it $20.. i get $2.01 as profit… so.. it’s gonna be a while before i take anyone out for dinner. :)

Please pass on the word, and buy my THINGS! And let me know if the prices are unreasonable or insane!

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