Blizzard! & Grandmas House

A few weeks ago i went with my father to finish cleaning out my grandmothers old house. Her and my grandfather passed away a bit over 2 years ago now… the house has been up for sale, and finally the closing date in within a few days. We traveled down to Bronx, NY to clean up what was left of important items and paperwork.

I knew we were almost there when i’d see the Whitestone Cinemas Sign. :)

This is the front of the house:

After staring at it for years, this old wooden dresser is finally mine! it has a nice house in my room now. :)

This Ladder i guess leads to the roof, but for as long as i can remember, i swooned over this light fixture in the hallway.

We stopped at St Raymond’s Cemetery to visit my Grandparents on the way home. it was emotional but I’m glad we got to go. The house will now be sold to (i hope!) a very appreciative and loving buyer. :)

This was my morning commute:
*to be clear, i was in 5mph/ stopped traffic, i do not condone taking photos while driving….*

swerved off the road

swerved car #2, its wheel is caught in the rail

my side view mirror

the guy behind me was REALLY close to me

the flash captured my back seat better than the tailgater

i left home at 7:15am… a commute that usually takes 35-40 minutes too 1 hr 45 min. not fun… here were 3 overturned cars. 2 completely upside down and 1 on its side. ALL SUVS.. just because you are a big car, doesn’t mean you are safe from the icy roads!

Have a safe, warm and happy day. :)

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