Vermont & Random Photos

This weekend i went to Wilmington, Vermont with my family and Ian got to come along!

It was me, my mother, sister, sister boyfriend, Ian and I all in one 4 bed, 2 bath condo. We got there Friday night and Snowmobiled on Saturday morning! The tour guide took a photo of us midway through the trail. From left to right… Ian, Me, my dad, my sister, April and her Boyfriend, Danny. I had a very nice time. :) i LOVE the snow!

This is us at the lodge afterwards enjoying a beer or 2. :) Ian got a Mt. Snow Beer, and i got a Shock Top one. it was belgian white, so it came with an orange. yum! :)

ANNNNNNND… this is my puppy. i love her. Her name is Harley, she is a Daschund. A little over 1 year old. :)

I was a Cat person.. until i got a doggie. <3

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