Bunch of Projects!

So i’ve had a couple odd projects here and there that i finally got around to posting photos of.


Project #1!
Ian bought me these fantastic coat racks from an Antique store in Tarrytown, NY. Not sure if they are really antiques, but they look neat! got them for $10!

They had a really cheap looking wooden back to them, so i decided to paint them all white. my impatience got to me.. so i didn’t sand the finish off, nor did i use the highest quality paints or paint brush for that matter. So the white came out terrible. i used old acrylic paints, and some old watercolors. haha.

Since i already messed them up, i figured i’d play around before sanding the entire thing back down and starting over. i think the result is cute. not perfect… but i wasnt really trying too hard anyway. i thought they were goners! it reminds me of like a folky bird design with a heart and polka dots. :) Still not sure if i love it, or if i will sand down, and start over.

Project #2!

Ian and i bought some pumpkins a while ago, and we only got around to carving them recently! Guess which one is mine.

HAHA! i’m sure you guessed correct! Mine is the goofy silly dorky pumpkin with the dumb grin. :) we cooked up the pumpkin seeds and have been eating them all month! These were big pumpkins!

Project #3

Early this week on monday i got the chance to do a Halloween themed photo-shoot with my friend Alexandra D. (model) and Alexandra S. (photographer). It was ALOT of fun just fooling around. Alex D picked the theme DEAD-sperate Housewives of Rockland County. i went with it. :) she was a beaten and battered women, and i was a zombie with a head wound. PHOTO!
More Blood was added after this photo. :)

We modeled with cleavers, and machetes, and dressed up all “vintagey-ish” haha. Stockings, heels, pencil skirts, cardigans.. :) we made “Brains” out of fake blood and Ricotta cheese. yuck! when i get the photos from Alex S. i’ll try and post some up! :) it was fun. Definitely got me in the mood for Halloween!

Finally Project #4!
My job is having a halloween party. and i wanted to re-make the Apple Crisp thing i made a few weeks ago. But since 2 other people are bringing Apple Pies, i wanted to Jazz mine up. i made the Same recipe. added a little less sugar, and a little more cinnamon, and then instead of the crust being all one color (regular tan crust) i dyed it with food coloring, and put it on in sections. its not the most appetizing thing, but OH WELL! now its more halloween themed! it looks neat in person, and tastes great! (i snuck a bite!) :)

Before cooking!

After cooking for about 30 min on 350 degrees. i sprinkled some more cinnamon sugar on top, but it knocked most off after taking the photo. it made it look weird. Its pretty vibrant! i LOVE food coloring. :)

So those are my odd projects here and there. :) i have many more in my head.. but we’ll see. :)

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